Here are some pages from a set of arrangements originally intended for solo clarinet with piano accompaniement. The idea was not only to assoicate wonderful melodies from the standard repertoire with the clarinet for the first time, but also to cull from differnet genres and time periods as well. These examples include two from The Clarinet Album: "Sonate E-moll," by Telemann (with piano composed by myself), and the "Andante" of Mozart's Haffner Symphony. The rest of the set includes Beethoven's Sonate Pathetique, Mvt. 2, "Prelude in Db-Major" (Raindrops), by Chopin, the lied "Sehnsucht nach der Walgegand" by R. Schumann, and "The Laughing Song" from Strauss' Die Fledermaus. The examples here are shown for violin and flute. This was done to appeal to a wder group of instruments for marketing, but it does display the verstaitilty of the entire set. There are versions for flute, violin, clarinet, oboe, and alto saxophone. If anyone wishes to perform any of these, please feel free to contact me. You can listen to some of these on the Music page under the Arrangements section.

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